Friday, March 16, 2007

End of trimester 2

So my goal for this trimester was to push my students' writing. One of the best ways I felt that I could do that was with a Wiki. We did two wiki projects. The first was research oriented with a partner. All of the students logged on to either a morning or afternoon wiki. For the most part I think they were successful. A few even took it to the next and used Bubbleshare to make a powerpoint into a flash object for the Wiki.

The second wiki was a collaboration between my two classes. I think our students need opportunities to learn to collaborate. This was their opportunity to write an imaginative story. I do think that the collaboration was the weakest link, but it was the first time they had tried it without a face to face meeting. Some of their stories were quite cute, although the males seem to concentrate on war stories.

Overall I think we have made a good start on Wikis and some of my students even got it. They realized that they could work on this project at home. It would be great if I could convince some of the eighth grade teachers to continue with this kind of project.

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