Thursday, April 27, 2006

Evaluation time for Lit Circle Blogs

This next week is when my students get to let me know what worked and what didn't. I have asked for feedback along the way and it looks very promising.
My evaluation of the project is that it is doing exactly what I hoped it would. I have asked literary questions for my students to discuss. All but one student has really jumped in and worked hard on accomplishing their tasks. What is even better is that they are talking the talk and thinking about their reading and the characters and the conflicts. Reading what the students have been writing has really made my day or even week. I love it.

So it looks like we are a go for two other groups. They start the second week of May. I think my students are very excited.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Techno crazy

Well I have done it. I have convinced my principal to allow me to use some blogs @ with my students. I convinced him that we will do all we can do to keep the students safe.

I read Will Richardson's book over Spring Break. What an easy read, compared to some of the techno manuals I have tried to read. It convinced me to really try it. I presented to our district tech committee and they were willing to let me pilot the program. Hooray

On Thursday I get to try out a Smartboard Airline and document camera. We are doing a demostration for our K-12 administrators to show them what we'd like to have a teacher's work station look like. I hope my brain can take all of this new learning. Actually I am very excited.

My readers will be so stoked to be able to choose their own book for literature circles and then have an actual online discussion about their books. I just hope the non-tech kids like it.