Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Techno crazy

Well I have done it. I have convinced my principal to allow me to use some blogs @ nicenet.org with my students. I convinced him that we will do all we can do to keep the students safe.

I read Will Richardson's book over Spring Break. What an easy read, compared to some of the techno manuals I have tried to read. It convinced me to really try it. I presented to our district tech committee and they were willing to let me pilot the program. Hooray

On Thursday I get to try out a Smartboard Airline and document camera. We are doing a demostration for our K-12 administrators to show them what we'd like to have a teacher's work station look like. I hope my brain can take all of this new learning. Actually I am very excited.

My readers will be so stoked to be able to choose their own book for literature circles and then have an actual online discussion about their books. I just hope the non-tech kids like it.

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Will said...

Hey Diane,

Glad you liked the book! Keep us in the loop as to how things go with your pilot.