Thursday, May 11, 2006

7th grade students Literary Blogging

The first group of 7th graders have completed their Literature Circles' weblog on
The students chose their own books that had to be at least 200 pages.
They decided on how many pages to read for each meeting according to the 4week calendar that I had set up.
Each week they were required to do at least one blog from a choice of two blogs.
I tried to have a couple of evaluative type blogs so they could evaluate their groups and how blogging was going. They also had to blog about their books (literary elements.)

This week I started with two others groups using Literature Circles and weblogging at Nicenet.

FYI-The parent group at our school did gives us full support especially as I mentioned the idea of online classes as the future goal of these students.

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Susan said...

Diane, Thanks for your great suggestion about using Nicenet on my blog. Not only is it a great idea for my journals, but it lead me to your blog. Any chance that you will add an RSS feed to your blog so that I could subscribe to it?